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We Gave Thanks

We Gave Thanks
Our family on Thanksgiving 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Were have I been?

Good morning, it is a rainy day in Greer. I looked at my Blog and thought ,were has the time gone. Oh well I am back, so let me tell you a few thing that are going on in this beautiful town, We all love . What could be more restful than a day in side with old movies your loved ones and the pets? I am going to love me some rain and rest I love to just veg and pretend the the world is a place great place at all time but we all know that it just not true, for instance our town is rally around one of its own Smiley Howell who is in bitter battle for his life from Cancer! He is in Korea at this moment. waiting for stem cell treatment, this little PO dunk town has come out in record number, to support him with Prayers and money. I am really proud to call Greer's people my Towns people ! I am always in aw of what God can do if we just let him move freely in our hearts and our minds .
John-Nick's last football game is this morning at 10:30 if the rain lets up. It is not looking good for the Home team . He has also been sleeping in his bed and it is not a good thing for him. He hates it. I love it I have made it back to my bed for the first time in maybe five years. Wow that's along time and I cant not believe we let that happen . It so easy to just get caught up in what is easy with your kids but that is not what they need or us either. It does feel good to be normal again and not let my child have the master bed room while I sleep in his room,oh well who says you get to old to learn new tricks , I am still learning at age 46;" ouch that hurt to write" but it is true an I know age is really just a number. after you hit about 35 . I still do love my Life even though I would really love to make some positive change for the good but I'm still in a good place right now , God is good God is great that is a true little diddy that we all just chant along with the kids ,but it is so true .I just need to really listen and believe and step up to his mission in my Life and move and move and move. God don't like lazy and Ugly and sometimes I am both. talk to ya later Trust the Lord on High and the man he allowed to be appointed to that High Office we call President and move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God don't do mistakes !!!!!!!!!!