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We Gave Thanks

We Gave Thanks
Our family on Thanksgiving 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Am I really doing this

Am I really doing this? well.. well.. here I am trying to be Blogger! go figure...I cant seem to shut up to my Family and Friends, and cant think of thing to write that would be Worth someones time to read, so I am will give you a little back ground info on the
big kathy hannah
okie dokie. Life is full of little ups and downs for the Hannah Family and the Sanders Family, (that's my Maiden name).We seem to be our own worst enemy. I cant quiet grasp the concept that we look normal on the outside but boy...... when you look little deeper man... do you get a shocker!We have issues from Lord knows were,We don't even know who to blame !!! All I know is that is goes back along long way. I wonder a lot of time why I feel the urge to over eat. I really wished I knew . I can tell you that my Childhood was definitely not normal and I almost sure that We would be labeled what is now called THE DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY back then We were the girls that had, no Mom or Dad we had a Granny and laine. Laine name is really Elaine but we always call here Laine is also who I was named after her I am Kathy Elaine Sanders Hannah what a name .I think I am kinda liken this blogging thing, its away of venting to yourself .I owe a lot to both, Granny and Laine they kept us girls together, my sister Vicky and Jackie .Vicky was three when Mom died and I was two, and Jackie was nine months ,man that had to be hard for my Mom to go and leave us ! She must have been very strong,She knew she was dying and she told My Granny and Laine to" met her In heaven with Her Three Little Girls"
And we all plan keeping that promise, so much for that maybe I just answered my on question about why I eat to much it could be because I fear what coming tomorrow who knows only God truly knows as I keep searching it out I will be Praying and if you are reading .. Please pray too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Am I really doing this

Today is Friday and I am so glad. The only day that I know that is better than Friday is ........
The first day of your family vacation . I am real scared about this Blog thing,I am not little ms.
correct speaking and perfect in anyway as a matter of fact ,but I guess you can give me c+ for effort.
My Friend has really encouraged me to do this ,so I will give it a whirl, what do I have to lose .I lost my mind many moons ago when I became some ones Mom there names are Blake ,Tori,
and John-Nicholas Hannah don't get me wrong its the greatest joy that you can have but its also the hardest joyful job that you could ever undertake!! My Granny told me when I was expecting my Blake, and I was complaining about being Preggie she said" You better live for yourself now because, when that Baby is born ,you won't ever live for yourself again". Boy was She right !
I never got to tell her that and She would have loved to have heard that because ,She loved being right. kind of a family trait you think? I would not trade my walk in this life for anything .I am Blessed and highly Favored! I think if you have a place to lay your head and food to eat, you my friend are also blessed and highly favored , so look up my Friend good times are coming just keep looking up.